Gin Himbrimi

Himbrimi Gin batch no. 6. Last week I met Óskar Ericsson, the founder of Himbrimi Gin at their Tasting Room in the middle of Reykjavik. We sat down to talk about gin and how he created the Himbrimi Gin. Only… Continue reading →

Mackmyra Kreatör [jin]

Gin of the day. The premiere of Mackmyra Kreatör [jin] from Mackmyra Distillery. Mackmyra is mostly known as a whisky maker. What’s my opinion of their first gin? I’m impressed. I have to say I’m not easily impressed, but this… Continue reading →

Gin from Finland

When you think of spirits from Finland you probably think vodka. Of course the two famous brands Finlandia and Koskenkorva are the most wellknown spirits from The Land of a thousand lakes. You better learn that Finland is a country… Continue reading →

On a business trip to Finland

I’ve been in Finland on a business trip for a few days now. Of course I have to try the famous gins from Finland as the bartenders offer them. Today in Turku at the Marina Palace I had this rather… Continue reading →

German Gin

Review of top german gin starts with Monkey 47 and Elephant Gin, two of the top small batch gins from Germany.

Schweppes Premium Mixers

Today I received some bottles of Schweppes Premium Mixers. They come as a classic Tonic, Tonica & Pimienta Rosa, Tonic with Lavender and Orange Blossom, Tonic with Ginger and Cardamom.  The mixers are filled in drop shaped 20 cl bottles… Continue reading →

I saw the light!

Like so many my Gin & Tonics used to be based on an industry standard gin and a likewise standard Indian Tonic. I slowly found out that a premium product raised the taste to a new level. However, little did… Continue reading →

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