Schweppes Premium Mixers

Today I received some bottles of Schweppes Premium Mixers. They come as a classic Tonic, Tonica & Pimienta Rosa, Tonic with Lavender and Orange Blossom, Tonic with Ginger and Cardamom.  The mixers are filled in drop shaped 20 cl bottles that are shaped to better preserve the flavour and the bubbles in the tonic.

As Schweppes describe it themselves: “Inspired by the original Schweppes bottle; this great looking bottle is specially created to preserve the carbonation”.

I had to take a sip even if it’s a tuesday. So I started out with a Gin & Tonic mixed with Monkey 47 and the classic Tonic. I had high expectations from what I’ve seen Schweppes advertise. It’s a tough competition when it comes to tonics. I have to say my expectations were exceeded. The taste was a classic G&T with a very crisp and fresh flavour.

I will report back when I’ve tried the other tastes as well and this one with a few other reference gins. So I suggest you view this as my first report on this product.



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