Gin from Finland

When you think of spirits from Finland you probably think vodka. Of course the two famous brands Finlandia and Koskenkorva are the most wellknown spirits from The Land of a thousand lakes.

You better learn that Finland is a country not to be forgotten when it comes to gin nowadays. The often prize-winning Kyrö Distillery have changed this in 2014.

Kyrö Gin, as well as their whisky, is made from 100% whole-grain rye. In addition they use sixteen local botanicals from the area around Isokyrö to give the gin it’s flavour. This recipe gave Napue gin the “The World’s Best Gin for Gin & Tonic” at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2015. In 2016 Napue won the gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition premium gin-series.

They can’t rest on their laurels when runners-up like Kalevala Gin, Teerenpeli PyyGin, Ägräs  and Helsinki Gin are keen to produce first class gin. Even if it will probably be a safe bet to say that Kyrö is the reference point at least for a foreseeable future.



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