Mackmyra Kreatör [jin]

Gin of the day. The premiere of Mackmyra Kreatör [jin] from Mackmyra Distillery. Mackmyra is mostly known as a whisky maker. What’s my opinion of their first gin? I’m impressed. I have to say I’m not easily impressed, but this explosion of flavours took me by surprise. As I had this bottle delivered at my local Systembolaget (the swedish alcohol monopoly shops) just an hour ago I’ve only just tasted it. I will get back after I tried it with tonic as well and perhaps as a friday Dry Martini. What about the herbals then? Orange, lime, bourbon vanilla, lemon, grapefruit, pink pepper, bitter orange, ceylon connamon, ginger, lingonberry, cardamom, coriander seed, juniper berry, anis seed, raspberries and elderflower. You nailed it, Rickard Aldén!


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