Gin Himbrimi

Himbrimi Gin batch no. 6.
Last week I met Óskar Ericsson, the founder of Himbrimi Gin at their Tasting Room in the middle of Reykjavik. We sat down to talk about gin and how he created the Himbrimi Gin.

Only a few years back Óskar Ericsson, a trained artist, decided to create a gin inspired by local herbs like the seeds of the angelica flower, and the flowers of arctic thyme that grow along the rivers on Iceland that he found on his fishing trips.

So the gin that was inspired by the rivers and nature of Iceland was to get the name from the bird known as Loon or Great Northern Diver, the Himbrimi in Icelandic, was only natural.

Himbrimi Gin is a very unique gin that can be an Old Tom Gin or a bit of alpine bitter schnapps. The taste is very different from any gin I’ve ever tasted before.

Please, note that I mean it in a good way.

Oskar’s own description of the process in his own words:

“Instead of re-distilling the gin multiple times in order to cleanse it, we choose instead to work with pure ingredients and leave it in its raw state. This cold-compound method is a traditional method of making gin, and works great when making Old Tom Gin, which is sweeter and more robust than regular gin.

The result is a sweet, complex and floral gin with a long, smooth aftertaste, that is perfect for drinking neat or mixed into your favorite long drink.”


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